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            Adding Addresses by Upload

            You can addresses by upload in BillFin by using the steps below but this process must be preceded by adding an Invoice Recipient Code to any client for whom an address should be uploaded.

            To Add Addresses by Upload:

            Go to the Clients page in BillFin

            Click View in Excel at the top

            Open the downloaded Excel file

            Go to the Invoices page in BillFin

            Click on Upload Addresses

            Click on Download the Template

            Copy the Invoice Recipient Codes from the Clients export

            Paste them into column A of the addresses upload file

            Click on the Data tab in Excel of the addresses upload file and click Remove Duplicates for column A (Invoice Recipient Code)

            Fill out the address details for all clients and save the file

            Click on Upload Addresses in BillFin and upload the file

            Click Apply Changes if the preview looks good

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 09:19 AM
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